Opening your own bed and breakfast in France

Now is the time and you have been thinking about it for some time.

You have this urge to change your life, to start something new and that is who you really are.

Opening a guesthouse is the dream of many people, especially at this time, a complicated post-Covid period.

You spend most of your time looking at properties all over France and even abroad.

But do you really know what creating, setting up and day-to-day management of a guesthouse involves?

France is indeed a magnificent country full of places, each more beautiful than the next. The architecture, the landscapes and the magical places really make you want to settle there and for a little longer than the holidays.

I therefore would like to offer my services as an ambassador to help you set up your project.

Since the age of 18, I have been immersed in the vast world of the hotel industry and in particular the luxury hotel industry. I started at the end of my studies at the bottom of the ladder in a magnificent hotel in Genval in Belgium where I stayed there for 15 years, going through the reception, the reservation service and the management of the conference rooms and event. A small passage through England where I worked for the Hilton group.
Back in Belgium at the age of 40, I moved to Normandy where I have been managing my splendid guest house in Normandy for almost 10 years.

I can therefore with great humility take the time to listen to you, to share with you all my experience but above all to guide and advise you so that you too can succeed in this wonderful adventure.
I suggest that you meet us first, here in Normandy, so that you can realize the reality more easily of the guest house and the rentals of cottages.

Thereafter, I will be with you at all times to help you make your choice in the location, the choice of the property, the advantages and disadvantages. Tax laws for opening your home. Creating your unique concept that you want different from others.

I will also be at your side to give you various relevant advice on the day-to-day management of the house, the management of the different actors of "channel Manager", OTA's, the creation of your website, how to take beautiful photos, social networking & advertising, management of reservations and accounting.

I speak and write fluent english ! no problem at all ! 

Do not hesitate to contact me in order to receive a personalized estimate according to your project.