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Just stop ! and come back to what matters.

What to do at le Manoir

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Tennis court

No excuses ! we have tennis racket for you available at le Manoir.
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Fishing on the lake

What a pleasure it is to be able to get up very early morning when everyone is still asleep to enjoy what nature has to offer.

We have fishing equipment at your disposal.

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Discover Normandy by bike

Electrical bike rental from le Manoir.

Very handy for the hilly Normandy

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Swedish hottub

You should try this just to two of you, amongst friends or by yourself, it is really good as well.

The water is at 38° with a wooden fire only and if you wish to have bubbles,

I suggest you have a bottle of Champagne !

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D-day tour

Do you want to visit the beaches and the landing sites in a different way? do not hesitate to book your day with our private guide who will be happy to share with you  his knowledge of the moving stories of our soldiers who disappeared during the Second World War.

For more information and reservations either by email or by booking your stay at the Manor.

Boatride on the lake

Not as easy as it seems....
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Cocktail by the lake

It is absolutely awesome ! just get together again and share nice moments. I do not think you need anymore convincing on this subject !
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Outside swimming pool

open from mid April to end of October, heated at 28°, it is a serene moment amongst the apple trees.

Activities close by

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Golf at Omaha beach golf club

This world-renowned "36-hole" golf course extends to the edge of the cliffs and offers breathtaking views of the sea and the Bessin countryside. Located 20 minutes from the Manor, two splendid 18 holes on the heights of Port en Bessin. Tee time can be booked from the Manor.
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Walking across the Mont St Michel Bay

Patrice Trèche, graduate nature guide in the bay for almost 20 years, Patrice is one of those extraordinary people with whom you can discuss botany, ornithology but also marine mammals.I invite you to visit his site for more information and book your crossing.
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Bayeux Tapestry

Using woolen threads embroidered on a linen canvas, the Bayeux Tapestry tells the story of William, Duke of Normandy, who became King of England in 1066, after the Battle of Hastings. A 3-step tour allows you to understand the work and its context.
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Port en Bessin

Between sea and countryside, Port-en-Bessin-Huppain is a picturesque and authentic city, in the heart of the Normandy landing beaches, 9 km from Bayeux.Today, Port en Bessin - Huppain lives to the rhythm of the comings and goings of the trawlers ... Its quays come alive with the tides and the return of the sailors who unload their fishing at the auction.
To taste, the scallop of course.

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Le Mont St Michel

Whether you are passionate about heritage or simply curious, with family or in a group, passing through or returning, the various possibilities for visiting the rock and its surroundings allow you to open the doors to a rich past. Classic or fun guided tours, digital applications, commented strike trips, there is something for all ages and all tastes!
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Haaaa Granville! the city of Corsairs, the Monaco of the North, the seaside resort of the bay of Mont Saint Michel, the house of Christian Dior. It is especially my favorite place if you want to meet real Normans! it is promised, I will give you all my local and hidden addresses of general tourism if you want to spend an authentic day.
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Chausey Islands

Chausey is unique in Europe by its beauty, its high tides. The Chausey archipelago includes 365 islets at low tide and 52 at high tide. Less than an hour by boat from Granville, the unspoiled nature of this archipelago, a fisherman's paradise, will amaze you. During the crossing, you may even have the joy of seeing dolphins or seals. On this little paradise 7 km long and 5 km wide, no car, just the sound of water and birds. Here time does not matter much. Coming to Chausey is living the present moment. Appreciate the simple things and treat yourself to a real return to basics.
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Saint Malo & Cancale

Between the ramparts, the coast, the beaches, the remarkable monuments, Saint Malo is best known for its historic center within the city walls. The old town has a rich historical heritage, secret streets, shipowners' houses, lively cafes and shops. The fortified walls of the city dating from the 12th century, will take you through time and lead you from discovery to discovery.
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really, just do nothing, simply.

unless you want to test the incredible tree climbing in Caen, the Vire Vélorail, browse the hectares of the Cerisy forest to pick mushrooms, experience thrills at the Souleuvre viaduct, get lost in the labyrinth of Bayeux, play romantics on horseback rides on the beaches or spend time in front of the beauty of a sunset after having tried kitesurfing or ..... paddle boarding!