Spa & wellness


The Manoir de Herouville is the ideal place to relax and forget the rest of the world. Hidden in a small quiet garden, our massage cabin is perfect.
All our treatments are carried out with great attention and our masseuse will take great care to bring you all the well-being you want and will adapt to your fitness needs.

Massages of the world

Back massage

Hot stones :

Duration 1 hour : 95 Euros

Touching the back with hot stones that soothe you and release muscle tension. A surprising mixture of cold and heat that will allow you to truly return to your roots.

Foot Massage

Foot reflexology :
Duration : 1 hour : 70 Euros

Plantar Reflexology comes from ancestral Chinese tradition. Each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body. The art of plantar reflexology consists in exerting a specific touch on these zones, to locate the tensions and the dysfunctions of the organism in order to restore the balance.

swedish hot tub

The Swedish spa :

from 1 to 4 people:

duration 1 hour: 65 Euros

Enjoy a bath alone or with friends in a natural wood tub, the water of which is heated over a wood fire. Away from the distractions of modern life, relaxing in a Nordic wooden bath, you will forget all your daily worries and it will certainly revitalize you body and soul. The bath takes place outside in a small private garden.

Body massage


duration: 1 hour: 95 Euros

Californian massage is a relaxing massage, performed with the help of oils. The movements are fluid, continuous and completed by kneading and long strokes. Its main effect is to release tension and allow the body to completely surrender.

Abhyanga :

with hot sesame oil

duration: 1 hour

- 105 Euros

Perfect for fighting stress, fatigue and nervousness. Native and traditional massage from India. It allows revitalization and relaxation of the whole body in order to regain balance and well-being.It improves circulation, muscle toning, relaxation of the joints.

Face massage


Duration: 1 hour: 65 Euros

The escape at your fingertips for a scalp and facial massage:Technique by pressure of the fingers on reflex points of the face and the skull.This massage offers total relaxation of the whole body and promotes better sleep.

Lifting facial massage:

Duration: 30 minutes or 1 hour :

45 Euros / 65 Euros

It is a relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage. It restores beauty and light, in other words youth and radiance. Particularly effective, it is both relaxing and anti-aging. It is extended by the application of a lifting cream.

Energy care & Magnetism

Duration : 1 hour : 45 Euros

Graduated in energy care and magnetism.

The philosophy of the Manor being renewal, energy, serenity, it was important for me to offer you this treatment which will allow you to relaunch the energies blocked in your mental, physical and telluric body.

During this moment just for you, I will be at your disposal and thanks to the techniques of magnetism, carry out the gestures of harmonization of the chakras, unblocking of the nodes to release the energy and thus feel you calm and balanced.